About US

Global Marketing Solutions partners with reputable companies such as Cisco Systems, Sonic Wall, and others to deliver cutting edge technology products to help enterprises expand their operations and reach a much greater customer base. We enable companies to take advantage of powerful resources that will allow them to thrive in a global digital economy. Our product offerings include IT Telecommunications, Broadband Cellular and Data radios, Cisco products, Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Cisco Servers, Cisco Software and all other offerings from Cisco. We provide other IT Telecommunications brands that are specific to your needs.

Global Marketing Solutions, LLC provides knowledge based solutions to business and government in the form of consulting, research, development, information sharing, strategy, implementation, technology and manpower to achieve a specific objective. We strive to provide excellent resources and manpower to solve the most challenging business objectives or government objective. We want to partner with businesses to provide them with real time solution in solving a difficult problem or challenge. With the government, we use a step by step approach of consulting to guide various agencies through difficult challenges. We focus on our clients’ success by targeting their challenges and obstacles, and then formulate the right combination of technology, resources and human capacity to solve the problem. We are an integrated company with resources in various fields, thus enabling us to create synergy and develop the capability to deliver outstanding results time after time. Let Global Marketing go to work for you.

Global Marketing Solutions, LLC is in the field of Business Services, delivering a complete Marketing and Sales solutions to businesses utilizing a unique approach of matching businesses to end users or customers. We are a global company so our interaction is with a global population in specific locations in unique markets.
Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for businesses and government to achieve a specific business goal that is measurable, without the complexity of having multiple departments to coordinate activities to achieve this objective. There are a variety of problems and obstacles that companies face when dealing with the public. It all consumes a lot of time and resources and many times achieve the undesired result of diverging the company’s focus from its main product or service. Case studies have proven that the most successful companies consistently target its objectives and focus on its core product or service.

By outsourcing time consuming activities companies stay focused on their main product or service, all of which deliver significant benefits in multiple areas. In the end, the customers also benefit significantly because of the delivery of a higher quality product or service. We have developed a unique method based on 25 years of experience in the field that allows us to get greater results in less time.