CommScope – 700LTE SMR CELL 900 AWS PCS Hi Pwr Remote AC


COMMSCOPE 700LTE/800SMR/CELL/900SMR/AWS/ PCS/WiMax high pwr remote unit for ION-B SC-APC fiber input, N Female outputs. 90-264 VAC operation.

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Description 700 LTE, 800SMR, Cellular, 900SMR, AWS and PCS high power remote unit. 90-264 VAC operation.
Bands Supported 700 LTE / 800 SMR/PS / 850 CELL / 1900 PCS / 2100 AWS
Composite Power Downlink 37 dBm
Composite Power Uplink 20 dBm
Fiber Mode Single-Mode
Fiber Optic Connector Type SC-APC
RF Connector N Female
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year

The TFAN series high power remote units for the ION-B rack mounted systems. The remotes can be placed up to 3 KM (about 2 miles) from the master unit. Uplink gain of 20dB and downlink gain of 27dB. The automatic gain control avoids field adjustments. The comprehensive supervision and control features provide various levels of information on the status of the unit. All remotes have SC/APC fiber connector inputs and two N female connector outputs. Available in either AC or DC powered models.

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